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Jim Romberg has been working with Raku ceramics for over forty years.  An M.F.A. graduate in ceramics from Claremont Graduate University and early student of Paul Soldner, Jim is well known to collectors and academics for his outstanding and progressive work in sculptural ceramics.  


Experimenting with many ceramic processes at the beginning of his career in art, Romberg chose Raku because of its significant history, begun in 15th century Japan, its well developed and documented aesthetics, and its contemporary use as a means for artistic expression.  He has, in fact, added many dimensions to this continuing art form. Recently an expansion of scale has resulted in monumental pieces that present an even more dramatic arena for the spirit of Raku. 


Presenting work that is an interplay of sculpture and painting, Romberg uses the particular characteristics of Raku in a unique way. Rather than leaving the effects to the whims of natural reduction, his process is a deliberate interruption, often described as "painting with smoke and fire" to add a dimension of color, depth and surface that is truly engaging on many levels.  The practice and discipline of forming clay, applying surface treatments that reflect and unusual and complex virtuosity of brushwork, and individually firing and "smoke treating" each object results in pieces that capture the beauty of nature’s interaction with the intention of the artist. 


Events of landscape and sky remain a constant inspiration for the artist, along with the human history of creation starting with the pre-historic cave paintings in France which Romberg has personally visited and studied.  His study and appreciation of the origins of Raku ceramics centered around the development of the Tea Ceremony and tea vessels brings a particular contemporary interpretation of Eastern aesthetics and philosophy into his work.   The result is a particularly vital expression of an ancient art form "brought up-to-date" inviting contemplation that speaks to us today of the excitement  of the creative imagination .


Jim’s retirement after 18 years as Professor Emeritus of Art, Southern Oregon University which led to his Artistic Directorship of the Eagleheart Center for Arts and Inquiry.  


Equaly influential in the world of ceramics Romberg’s philosophy on criticism and search for significance in art influences many of today’s art leaders, particularly those attending events he coordinated as Director of Ceramics at Sun Valley Center for the Arts and Humanities. 


His work is featured in numerous permanent collections, some of whom are Janss Sun Valley, Northern Arizona Museum of Art, Geneva Municipal Art Collection, The Banff Art Center, and the Marer Collection of Contemporary Ceramics at Scripps College.  Romberg’s work has appeared in numerous publications and has been described as an important influence in the development of Raku ceramics. The independent publication “Ceramics Today: James Romberg” was published by the International Academy of Ceramics, Switzerland. Galerie Mediart in Paris presented Romberg’s solo exhibition “Invocation” featuring his sculptural Raku works and abstract ink paintings. 

When Jim's hands aren't in clay, you'll find him with his hands wrapped around a fly rod or on the tiller of his 40' Kettenburg. He shares his life with his wife, Lynette Jennings.


Jim Romberg

Studio Artist

P.O. Box 1219, Port Townsend, Washington, 98368

Cell 970-250-3775






1972               Master of Fine Arts, Claremont Graduate School 

1968 – 1970   Studio Assistant, Pottery Northwest, Seattle, WA 

1965               Bachelor of Arts, Ancient Medieval History, Pomona College 

1965 – 1967   Study in Philosophy and Religion, Union Theological Seminary

1962               Cours pour l’Etranger, University of the Sorbonne, Paris, France 


Academic Positions


2006 -  2021   Director, Eagleheart Center for Art and Inquiry

1979 -  2021   Member International Academy of Ceramics

1986 – 2006   Professor Emeritus of Art, Southern Oregon University, Ashland, OR

1974 – 1986   Artist in Residence, Instructor Ceramics, Sun Valley Center for the Arts and Humanities, Sun Valley, ID

1981               Visiting Professor in Ceramics, University of Texas at San Antonio, TX

1973 – 1974   Director of Ceramics, Anderson Ranch Art Center, Snowmass, CO

1972 – 1973   Instructor Ceramics, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX


Member International Academy of Ceramics


Special Projects


2021       Curator, "Inspirations Realized", Sun Valley Center 50th Anniversary Alumni Exhibition, Gail Severn Gallery, Ketchum, ID


2021       Co-Curator, "Clay Silver Ink", Sun Valley Center 50th Anniversary Invitational, Sun Valley Museum of Art, Ketchum, ID 


2012       US Representative, Panel, Workshop and Lecture: "Raku: From Where to Where", International Raku Symposium,

               “Raku Sans Frontiers: Terre et Terre”, Giroussens, France 


2012       Curator: International Raku Symposium “Raku: Origins, Impact and Contemporary Expression" Touring Exhibition of

               10 International Raku Masters

2012       Creator and Director of National Conference on Criticism and Clay: “Past Models, Future Shapes”, Sun Valley, ID


2010       Director, CRITICAL SANTA FE, 3-day NCECA Symposium on Criticism in the Arts, Santa Fe, NM


2006       Panel Moderator: “Towards a New Criticism”, NCECA, San Antonio, TX


2005       Director/Author: International Raku Symposium and traveling exhibition, 
               "RAKU: Origins, Impact and Contemporary Expression”, Eagleheart Center for Art and Inquiry 


1985       Curator, "Criticism & Clay: Past Models, Future Shapes", Conference, Sun Valley Center for Arts and Humanities, Sun Valley, ID


1979       Director, NEA Sponsored Workshop, Traveling Exhibition and Catalogue “The Studio Potter: A Question of Quality”

               Featured Artists John Glick, Tom Coleman, and Jenny Lind, Sun Valley ID


1979       Catalogue Author, "The Studio Potter or Can You Step in the Same River Twice?" 



Selected Exhibitions



2013    MediArt, Solo Exhibition, Paris, France


2012    L'Ateliers de L'art, Group Exhibition, Giroussens, France


1989    "Les Printemps des Potiers" Invitational Group Exhibition, Bandol, France


1987    Gallerie Marianne Brand, Solo Exhibition, Carouges, Switzerland


1984    Raku International Invitational, Musee d'Art Moderne, Brussels, Belgium


1982    Raku International, Invitational, Galerie le Labyrinthe, Uzes, France


1978    Ecole des Artes, Solo Exhibition, Juan Les Pin, France

Selected Exhibitions


2021    Sun Valley Center 50th Anniversary Invitational, "Clay Silver Ink", Sun Valley Museum of Art, Ketchum, ID


2021    Sun Valley Center 50th Anniversary Invitational, "Inspirations Realized", Gail Severn          

            Gallery, Ketchum, ID


2020    Northwind Arts Artists Showcase Invitational, Port Townsend, WA


2018    Northwind Arts, Invitational, Arts Gallery, Port Townsend, WA


2017    Pottery Northwest 50th Anniversary Invitational, Group Exhibition, Seattle, WA


2016    Arizona State University Annual Fundraiser Invitational, Ceramic Research Center, Phoenix AZ


2016    Yuma Art Invitational, Group Exhibition and National Symposium, Yuma Art Center, Yuma, AZ 


2014-2015    International Raku Symposium “Raku: Origins, Impact and Contemporary Expression”, Eagleheart Center for Art and Inquiry,                     Group Exhibition Touring: Phoenix University of AZ Ceramic Research Center, Hubbard McGrath Gallery, Breckenridge, CO, NCECA                 Annual Exhibition Portland, OR, Gail Severn Gallery Ketchum, ID ,  American Museum of Ceramic Art, Pomona, CA


2014    Yavapai Verde Art Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Yavapai College, Cottonwood, AZ


2013    Goldenstein Gallery, 2 Person Exhibition, Sedona, AZ


2010    Zane Bennett Gallery, Group Invitational, Santa Fe, NM


2006    Sedona Center for the Arts Group Exhibition, Curator, Sedona, AZ


2005    Apple Valley Art Center Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Apple Valley, CA


2004    SCRIPPS Group Exhibition, SCRIPPS Annual "Standing Room Only", Claremont, CA.


2004    Wiarda Beppu Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Portland, OR


2002    "California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Art" Group Exhibition, Curated by John Natsoulas,

            John Natsoulas Center for the Arts, Davis, CA


1998    "Northwest Ceramics Today", Juried Traveling Invitational, Boise Museum of Art, Boise, ID


1994    NCECA Raku Invitational, Kansas City, MO


1990    College of the Siskyous, Solo Exhibition, Weed, CA


1989    Hanson Howard Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Ashland, Oregon


1989    "Raku: Tradition/Transformation", Invitational, Kansas City, KA


1988    Hanson Howard Gallery, Group Exhibition, Ashland, OR


1987    "Art at Pomona College", Invitational, Claremont, CA


1986    "Tradition Transformed", Invitational Group Exhibition, Odyssey Gallery, San Antonio, TX


1984    "Raku: Smoke and Fire North America", NCECA Invitational, Newport, RI


1983    College of the Redwoods, Solo Exhibition, Eureka, CA


1983    Banff Center for the Arts Invitational Exhibition, Banff, AL, Canada


1982    Lawrence Gallery, Group Exhibition, Portland, OR


1980    Carson Sapiro Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Denver, CO


1979    Idaho Biennial Invitational, Boise Museum of Art, Boise, ID


1979    San Diego Potters Guild Invitational Group Exhibition, San Diego, CA


1979    Front Room Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Dallas, TX


1978    Northwest Invitational Group Exhibition, "Northwest Ceramics", Curated by John Takahara, Boise Museum, Boise, ID


1978    Youngstown State University, Solo Exhibition, Youngstown, OH


1978    Raku IV Invitational, Peters Valley, IL


1977    Raku Ho’laule’a, Solo Exhibition, and Juror for Group Exhibition, Honolulu, Hawaii


1977    Following Sea Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Honolulu, Hawaii


1976    Aspen Arts, Solo Exhibition, Aspen, CO


1976    Owens Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Oklahoma City, OK


1976    Clay and Fiber Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Taos, NM


1976    Ochi Gallery Solo Exhibition, Boise, ID


1975    Western Oklahoma State College Solo Exhibition, Altus, OK


1975    "Four from Sun Valley" Invitational, Boise Museum of Art, Boise, ID 


1974    Odessa Art Museum Group Exhibition Merit Award, Odesa, TX 


1972    Front Room Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Dallas, TX




Selected Lectures and Workshops




2012    L'Ateliers de L'art, Workshop, Giroussens, France


2011    Lecture, International Academy of Ceramics, "Criticism in Contemporary Ceramics" 


1989    "Les Printemps des Potiers" Workshop, Bandol, France


1979    "Ceramique Aujourd Hui" Workshop, Switzerland  


1978    The School of Plastic Arts, Workshop, City of Monaco, Monaco


1978    Ecole des Artes, Workshop, Juan Les Pins, Antibes, France


1974    Ecole des Beaux Arts, Workshop, Aix-en-Provence, France




Selected Lectures and Workshops




2017    Pottery Northwest 50 Anniversary, Workshop, Seattle, WA


2011    Penland School of Craft, Workshop, Penland, NC


2010    Sedona Center for the Arts Workshop Series, Sedona, AZ


2006    American Museum of Ceramic Art, Workshop, Pomona, CA


2005    Banff Center for the Arts Workshop, Banff, AL, Canada


2005    International Raku Symposium “Raku: Origins, Impact and Contemporary Expression”, 

            Eagleheart Center for Art and Inquiry  Workshops:  Phoenix, Portland, Ketchum, Sedona 2005-2006


2004    "California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Art" Lecture, John Natsoulas Center for the Arts, Davis, CA


2004    Boulder Mountain Clay Works, Ketchum, ID 


2003    Western Colorado Center for the Arts, Grand Junction, CO


2002    Laloba Clay Center, Workshop, Steamboat Springs, CO


2001    Workshop and Lecture, Yuma, AZ


2001    University of Washington, Workshop, Seattle, WA


1986    "Towards a New Curriculum" NCECA Conference, San Antonio, TX


1985    University of Washington Workshop, Seattle, WA


1984    Banff Centre, Workshop, Banff, Canada


1984    State University Workshop, Bozeman, MT


1984    Boise State University Workshop, Boise, ID


1983    College of the Redwoods, Workshop, Eureka, CA


1982    San Antonio Art Institute Lecture "Ceramics Today", San Antonio, TX


1981    "Contemporary Raku" Lecture, Banff Center for the Arts, Banff, Alberta, Canada


1981    Western Oklahoma State College Workshop, Altus, OK


1980    Oregon School of Arts and Crafts, Lecture "Raku", and Workshop, Portland, OR


1979    University of Idaho Workshop, Moscow, ID


1976    Anderson Ranch Art Center, Workshop, Snowmass, CO




Selected Collections


City of Toulouse, France

City of Geneva, Switzerland

Sevres Museum, Paris, France

Greenville Museum of Art, Greenville, SC

Marer Collection, Scripps College, Claremont, CA

Boise Museum of Art, ID

Pottery Northwest, Seattle, WA

Northern Arizona University Museum, Flagstaff, AZ

Schneider Museum of Art, Ashland, OR

Scripps College, Claremont, CA

Bill Bomar, Rancho de Taos, Taos, NM

The Hockaday School, Dallas, TX

St. Stephens School, Austin, TX




Selected Galleries


Gail Severn Gallery, Ketchum, ID

Sublette Modern, Tucson, AZ 

Gallery A, Salt Lake City, UT

Goldenstein Gallery, Sedona, AZ

Grapevine Gallery, Oklahoma City, OK

Northwind Arts Gallery, Port Townsend, WA


Selected Books and Publications

2012    Raku Sans Frontieres, les Actes du Colloque et des 2 Journees Internationales de Ceramique


2005    Raku: Origins, Impact and Contemporary Expression, by Jim Romberg and Lynette Jennings, Catalogue ISBN 59975-133X  


2001    500 Raku, Currated by James Romberg, Published by Lark Ceramics, ISBN 978-1-6-0059-294-2


1991    Raku Ceramics, by Steven Branfam, Featured Artist, Published by Lark Books, ISBN 978-1-60059-295-9


1986    Raku Ceramics with Jim Romberg, DVD Video, Crystal Productions


1985    Potters and Prints Catalogue, Sun Valley Center 1985, by Kristin Poole, Featured Artist 


1983    Ceramics Today: James M. Romberg, Published by the International Academy of Ceramics,

            Editions Olizane, Geneva, Switzerland ISSN 0254-4636


1981    A New Direction in American Clay, by Susan Wechsler, Watson Guptill Publication


1979    Ceramics in the Pacific Northwest: A History, by Lamar Harrington


1979    "Ceramics at Sun Valley Center", Ceramics Monthly, September



Curriculum Vitae
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