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Through the centuries, clay has been shaped into forms both representative and responsive to the cultures in which they were developed. The most expressive of those found forms is that of the human, now realized as not only a testimonial for humanity's existence but a window on the human spirit.


For me, those references translate into dance, a celebratory movement, an abstraction referencing the human form.  While the “Spirit” series responds to this celebration, the “Signal Light” series refers to the way-posts guiding the journey.

Works are currently available in studio or galleries. Please contact us for more information.

Celebration.       21"x 6"

Ascent.   23"x 10"

Between the Clouds  25"x 5"

Dordogne Wall.  15"x 5"

Awakening     17"x 5"

Waypost.  15"x 5"

Techtonic Shift.   17"x 5"

Nocturnal Ballet.  17"x 5"

SUBJMR 706 a.jpg

"A Closer Move"   23"x 9"x 6"

BMTJMR 725a 26x17 (1).jpg

Dessert Dancer  25"x16"x9"   SOLD                                                                     

"Moonrise". JMR W2.  25"x16"

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