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Tea Bowls

The small vessels that I refer to as “tea bowls" or Yunomi, defined as an everyday handle-less cup even though they are rarely used for tea, are made in the spirit of the Japanese Raku tea bowl tradition, and whose philosophy, aesthetics and history speak so strongly about the place and significance of the small vessel.   


My tea bowls are “metaphorical", with emphasis on their shape, texture, glaze and firing effects, all of which speak to the visual and tactile elements that inspire contemplation

These Works are currently available in studio or galleries. Please contact us for more information.

JMR 105a PT.jpg

JMR 105a

JMR 107a PT.jpg

JMR 107a 

JMR 101a PT.jpg

JMR 101a 

JMR 108a PT.jpg

JMR 108a 

JMR 104a PT.jpg

JMR 104a


JMR 210a.jpg

JMR 210


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