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Romberg workshops deal not only with issues particular to Raku ceramics but also engage the creative and critical practices essential to significant work. Short-term presentations over one or two days or longer of any duration are available. We deal primarily with bisque fired work to be glazed and fired in the Raku spirit.  Longer workshops cover important aspects of ceramics ranging from working with wet clay to the aesthetic and technical aspects of studio ceramics. 

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Technical Issues in Raku Ceramics 


These workshops cover many topics from the construction of a backyard kiln, safety issues, reduction materials, development of new glazes and clay bodies.

The Wonder of Clay 


Covers approaches to creating new forms and perfecting old techniques in wet clay. Includes both wheel and hand-building procedures to find new expressive forms. 

Glaze Dynamics 


Covers the development of color and texture to enhance ceramic forms, and the use of kiln and post firing reduction, creating a variety of finished surfaces.

Inspiration and Evaluation 


These workshops deal with sources of inspiration, expanding the creative process and a constructive means for evaluating your own and others work.

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Please contact us to learn more about scheduling workshops for 2021

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